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And while there have been no reports about Cook and Kaley Cuoco’s split (in fact, it was the opposite, as the actress recently revealed how happy she was in the relationship with her equestrian boyfriend), could it mean that Cuoco is cheating on Cook?

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Parts of this books are phenomenal, and part of it are not.

I understand wanting to put the actual stories in, but I feel like the whole first chapter didn't really work well.

Even more teens (as high as ninety-six percent) reported emotional and psychological abuse in their relationships.

That’s one part of dating violence—but in dating and intimate partner relationships, sexual violence is often an escalated act that follows other acts of emotional or physical abuse. And it doesn’t look the same for every relationship,” said Brian Pinero, RAINN’s vice president of Victim Services.

Identifying these early signs of abuse may provide a chance for a person at risk to exit a relationship safely before further harm occurs. “The answer to the question, ‘What does dating violence look like?

By Al Miles Miles, a nationally recognized expert in the field of domestic violence and teen relationship violence, explores the complex issue of teen dating violence.

Through interviews and other research, he provides critical information that parents, caregivers, clergy, and educators can use to protect teens and help them foster healthy dating relationships. Pledge Teens who have been abused need information and support to begin the healing process.