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"Take some zinc every day until the bruising goes away. We had finished three hours of play in a large, multi-room dungeon Mistress V owns. In the vanilla world I held a senior level executive position.Located in an industrial park near LA, the dungeon looks like any other commercial establishment from the outside. Evenings and weekends, however, were devoted exclusively to serving Her.The soundproofing material could not be seen from either inside or outside the dungeon. I am not a masochist, Mistress V had once explained. I will endure whatever painful delights Mistress V chooses to inflict upon me because I know doing so will please her. Oh how I wish She would permit me to fall in love with Her!

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Fans of BDSM fetishes feel that pain enhances their sexual experiences and they love the feeling of letting go into a state of submissiveness.The sound of my sudden gasp could not block out the snap from skilled administration of a punishment stroke. Branded with a My outstretched arms, connected by leather cuffs to a spreader bar above me, ached from maintaining the same vertical position for an hour.My rear end sizzled and I knew sitting down would be a delicate task over the next few days.Certainly, it's a good situation for meeting potentials, but in case that doesn't happen, the group aspect takes the pressure off.We are the best chat site for telephone dating and chat line.Mistresses enjoy Meeting new novices as well seasoned players to the arena.