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__________________ "[K]nown for piercing old-school jeremiads and lapidary filigree animadversions in the style of Jane 'The Bodyslammer' Austen and the blind poet Homer writing under the name of Edgar Allan Hemingway, [she cites] precedents with the mental agility of Ron Zeigler deflecting a question about Watergate." -Exapno Mapcase Id make it 11 words: Where only the 5 answers would count. Favourite: Colour: Twilight Smell: Bleached Hair Food: Chip Butties Clothing: Socks Sound: Train Horn That would impress me well.

Moreso than "Charming, Witty, Cute, Honest, Blah Blah Blah. Decent chicks aren't impressed with men who can compliment themselves @ the drop of a hat, so Id think youd get more brownie points by offering bits of who you are and what you like.

The purpose of these tips on how to describe yourself is to help you do just that – successfully portray the real you.

Most online dating profiles have three levels of “About Me” details, starting with basic (usually mandatory) details such as your gender and age.

Self confidence is totally different than having a big fat ego.

I personally would rather not hear how great a guy thinks he is, but rather his tastes and opinions, discussing those things will in time show his intelligence, sophistication, creativity and giving/honest nature.

Sure, you can attract godzillions of admirers with an “enhanced” description of yourself but one of the biggest benefits of online dating is that there’s no need.

Obviously it’s critical to get it right and describe yourself in a way that gets you noticed, and by the kind of people you’ll like.For full details please refer to our Privacy Policy." Choosing your words carefully is important in all relationships but in the online dating world, where you have just a few words to sell yourself on a profile, the importance of words is critical.After analysing data from over 12,000 members, online dating site e Harmony has a new list out of the words that work best for attracting singles, and the words to avoid to stop a potential love match moving on to the next profile. For men, the study found using adjectives like “perceptive”, “physically fit”, and “passionate” greatly increase your chances of women making the first move online.So, faced with the question what would you respond with?? Smart Funny wow, the first two are easy, what do I want for the other three?I want to say "nice," but that's so blah -- Creative Quirky Independent Please -- you are going to start another thread for where we can suggest questions for you to ask her?“There are as many forms of love,” Jane Austen wrote, “as there are moments in time.” But are there as many forms of lovers?