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Consolidating loans with salli mae

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The first time I had a problem it was when I tried to get in a repayment program, they reassured me that all of my loans were fine and they started automatically taking money out of my account.

I paid 0 and the lady said everything was set and that I would need to start making payments at the end of three months.

Andy Click here to get my free my weekday email newsletter with the latest tips and advice on how to beat debt and do better financially. Dear Andy, The first step would be to figure out if your Sallie Mae loans are subsidized loans or straight private student loans.

If they are government subsidized loans, as some Sallie Mae loans are, then you have some good options for dealing with the debt.

So I Wells Fargo will have 2 loans, one federal, one private. Before I have my mother co-sign the Wells Fargo private loan with me, I need to know what are my options. I am sick of paying out my arse in this debt only to find out it's not enough!

I have been misguided and given false information about my accounts for 2 years now.